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26 November 2019

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Office has that instant name recognition and reliability factor that makes it a top option for businesses of all kinds.  Among the different Office 365 solutions, there is everything from word processing and spreadsheets to collaboration tools and cloud storage.  So, is it the software option for you?

Office 365

For starters, a reason Office 365 is so popular is that it is subscription based, can be paid monthly and is easy to scale as your business grows.  You can customise the apps you need and as this changes and you need more; you can simply add them.  You don’t need to buy a big package with tons of stuff you don’t use and a higher price tag just in case you might need something at a later date.

Office 365 recognises that people are collaborating and not just within a single location.  There are loads of built-in collaboration features and also high security levels to protect the data that you share.  So, whether you all work in one office or are spread around the world, everyone can easily collaborate via the software.

A big problem with some office software is you constantly need to update it, and this can be time consuming – or easy to forget.  With Microsoft Office 365, the software is automatically updated because it is cloud based so there’s no manual process apart from the occasional re-start of programs.  It also ensures all users are on the same version and compatibility issues are removed.

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