How Often Should I Renew My Computer?

26 November 2019

As with all tech, computers have something of a lifespan.  As they get older, you run into more problems like the Blue Screen of Death, slow loading or a range of random silly problems that can cause chaos.  But how do you know when to renew your computer to avoid these problems but not spend money before you need to?

Old Computer

One guideline is to look to replace your computer every four years.  This works out the cost analysis, the wear on internal parts and other factors to arrive at this figure.  It is slightly higher for desktops, around every five years and 3-4 years for laptops.  This also factors into account the changing systems that computers run on and the chance that these become obsolete and therefore a security risk.

It can be possible to get a longer lifespan from a computer, especially a desktop.  Upgrades to systems, added memory and physical maintenance can all extend the lifespan.  If you use cloud systems and storage, this can help to avoid filling up the hard drive on the computer and slowing it down. 

If your computer is working, albeit a little slowly, and you can get stuff done, you can definitely squeeze every working day possible out of it.  But if you are experiencing constant problems and issues, then it is often time for a change before things come to a stop entirely.

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