Good Reasons to Upgrade Your Mobile Phones

22 May 2019

For many businesses, mobile phones have become a key part of their telecoms infrastructure.  They allow employees to work remotely, contact while they travel and also access a range of services even when they are at work.  But are there good reasons to upgrade your mobile phones when they still function properly?


One good reason is that the newer the phone, the more features it has.  And while this might not seem crucial, studies have shown that productivity with a quality smartphone can be boosted by up to 34%.   Also, an hour of professional time a day can be saved by using the latest apps and software available on new phones.

Upgrading phones is also a good time to assess that contract and potentially save money.  By opting for newer models you can get the latest deals and sometimes end up with better phones without increasing the cost of what you pay.  Or you could opt for a middle range mobile package that offers the features you need while keeping costs down.

You can even get secondary benefits with a good quality mobile phone network.  For example, if staff want to work remotely, it is easier to do this with good quality mobiles to access software.  It also allows the business to use cloud-based apps more which can save money on servers in the building.  And new mobile phones have top security on them which makes it harder for anyone to gain access to your network.

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