How to Remotely Track Your Android Phone

25 June 2019

Whether you have lost your phone or think it has been stolen, it is easy to remotely track your Android Phone with something called Find My Device from Google.  This lets you track your Android phone, play a sound to help you locate it or even lock it if it has been stolen.  You can even remotely wipe the data on it if you want to.

Track Phone

To use this, head to the Find My Device website and sign in to your Google account.  On the left is a list of devices you are signed into and one of these should be your phone.  Click on the device and a map should come up with a pin showing where the phone is.

Once you know where it is, it is easy to figure out what has happened.  Say it is at home – then you can request to play a sound and keep doing it until you track down exactly where in the house it is.    But if it is somewhere it shouldn’t be and has been stolen, you have options to secure device. 

For starters, this signs you out of your Google account on the phone and locks the handset.  You can send information to someone finding the phone in case it has been accidentally picked up or left on a bus telling them where to return it to.

If you are really worried, you can erase the device which will clear all data on it.  This is the more severe option but if you are sure the phone has been stolen and don’t want anyone accessing your data, it is the best option.  Do know that it can’t be undone though so be sure before using it.

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