Benefits of 5G

25 June 2019

We hear a lot about 5G at the moment and how it will change things, but it is sometimes hard to see how this affects us personally.  If you have a good internet speed to your home or business, going even faster might not seem much of a benefit.  But there is more to 5G than just speed.


One element of 5G is the low latency – this means less time between a device pining a network and getting a response.  And this has real benefits.  One example is remote surgery – the 5G network could allow surgeons to work on someone with a VR headset and a robotic arm controlling equipment without even being in the same room as the patient.

Haptic feedback is something we are familiar with from smartphones but could also be added to things like video with the development of 5G.  Low latency is a factor in this, allowing people to feel things such as speed bumps and hitting cones when driving a car from 50 miles away with VR tech.

5G plays a huge part in the development of self-driving cars as it is believed they won’t function properly without it.  That instant response and complete coverage mean you won’t suddenly hit a coverage black spot and your car cannot drive itself.

The development of 5G will also no doubt lead to more advances and ideas that we haven’t even seen yet.  So while it will speed things up, there’s much more to it than just connection speed.

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