Are You Turning into a Phone Zombie?

25 June 2019

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘phone zombie’ and while it sounds funny, it is actually a real and sometimes dangerous thing.  If you have walked down the street in any of the big (or small) cities, you will have seen the phenomenon in action – people walking along on their phones, oblivious the world.  And potentially putting themselves in danger.


But it isn’t just walking around the street, involved in your phone and stepping in front of a bus that’s a real issue.  Person to person conversation is somewhat at risk as people prefer to talk to others via their smartphone than in person.  85% of people admit to checking their phone while talking with friends or family, often ignoring what someone is saying while doing it.

Depriving yourself of sleep due to constantly checking your phone in the night is a more worrying trend and part of the phone zombie issue.  The problem is often that people are using their phones longer and sleeping less, particularly with teenagers, then finding themselves tired and lacking in energy during the day.

Smartphones are a brilliant invention and will remain a big part of our lives.  But it is also important to check that we aren’t turning into one of those phone zombies and that the smartphone is a help and not a hazard.


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