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28 July 2019

One of the sad things about the growth of the internet is the many varied ways people have found to corrupt it and steal from others.  Hackers and cybercriminals are finding new ways all the time to get data from businesses and that means being constantly on the watch for potential problems.

Computer Security

That’s why you can secure your IT system with Clyde Solutions.  We offer a wide range of security options to help you ensure your business is protected and allow you to focus your time on the real day to day stuff.  At the heart of what we do are anti-virus, malware and ransomware protection as well as setting up perimeter networks security.

We can help with things such as email protection and encryption for your data.  We work remotely so can work with you no matter where you are based and can also implement mobile data security if you have business mobile phones.

All of our work is PCI and ISO accredited so you can be confident in the standards we offer.  And we are constantly updating to handle whatever new way the cybercriminals come up with to try and steal your data – so you don’t have to worry.

Our IT security systems incorporate with our other IT support options or can be a standalone product to suit your needs.

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