Is The Wi-Fi You Offer Your Customers Fit For Purpose?

28 July 2019

One of the big things at the moment is to offer customers free Wi-Fi while they are in your business.  This can be for shops, cafes and restaurants and even businesses like hairdressing salons, garages and children’s play areas.  But how do you know if the Wi-Fi you offer is fit for purpose?


The key to having the right Wi-Fi is working with a provider who can assess the needs of the business and ensure there is plenty of bandwidth left for customers to use.  Because if you don’t have enough capacity, either your employees could find they can’t get their work done or customers find the internet connection slow – and that’s as bad as not offering it.  Worse for some people!

There are lots of different options and Clyde Solutions can assess them for you to see what would work best.  This might include things like upgrading to fibre optic broadband as a minimum but also looking at the equipment you are using.  Upgraded infrastructure within the business can cut down on requirements and free up that space.

The phone system you are using can also play a part.  VoIP is a way to send calls over the internet and means you don’t need to use traditional phone lines for calls – leaving the ‘space’ for internet connections instead.

Offering customers Wi-Fi access is definitely a good idea but making sure your infrastructure is up for the job first is also very important.

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