Apple Reveal the new Mac Pro

28 July 2019

Apple has released the latest version of their Mac computer last month which is already labelled as their most powerful computer ever.  The Mac Pro is a modular computer that is designed for professionals who need the top high-performance equipment.  It comes alongside their new screen, the Pro Display XDR which can be plugged in to create a desktop style computer.

Apple Computers

Prices start at around $6000 (£4800) which Apple says is cheaper than compared PCs from other manufacturers.  They also added that autumn will see a new version that can be mounted on racks.

But the key to the system is some of the features going on inside the new computer.  The previous version hadn’t been updated in five years and the company admitted making mistakes with its design.  But these have been rectified in the new Mac Pro.  Top of the list is a ‘tremendously capable cooling system’ to handle the heat of the processing speeds.

The modular design also makes it the most configurable Apple product.  You can add a range of different hardware to it to customise it to suit your needs.  With 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports, 2 USB-A ports and a 3.5mm audio minijack, it is also easy to add other hardware to the new system.

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