What are the Best Mobile Phones in 2019?

30 January 2019

Picking the best mobile phones for business can be a little trickier than picking one for your own use.  The needs are different, and you are always aware of the costs involved.  So what are the most popular mobile phones in 2019 for business use?

Mobile Phones

For Samsung fans, the Galaxy S9 is the latest model with a super-fast processor, face recognition for that security precaution and wireless charging to ensure it is easy to keep powered up.  The phone is waterproof and has excellent screen quality although some rate the call quality as only 4/5.  If there’s a downside, it may be that it is too big!

If you aren’t looking at the cost and are more interesting in reliability, features and that brand loyalty, then the iPhone X is the one to go for.  It is a top performer in almost all categories and is the world’s first full-screen phone.  It comes with Face ID for security.  The only downside is that the battery life isn’t as good as the predecessor, the iPhone 8.

Away from the big two, Google’s Pixel 2 is a popular phone that comes at a great price and is ideal for business use.  It has the Google Assistant voice feature, charges at great speed and has unlimited storage.  There’s a touch sensor, good battery life and excellent screen quality.  The only real issues are the lack of a standard headphone socket and no option for a micro-SD card if you use them.

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