Does Your Business Require Faster Broadband?

30 January 2019

It is often tempting to think that the broadband connection you have is okay so let’s leave it alone.  It does the job, you have a wait a bit for some software but generally, it is okay.  But does your business need faster broadband and could there be real benefits to having it?


The obvious one is that time spent waiting for software to react or things to download is time wasted, time that staff could be doing other things.  That’s the top reason why companies have an upgrade to their network – so everything is quicker.  An example is that by increasing your speed by 1 gigabit per second to 2GB, a download would take just 17 seconds versus 11 minutes at a 1GB speeds.

A high speed, reliable connection also lets you use cloud computing, and this saves money and more time.  There’s no need to download the software and have constant updates and upgrades put through – you access the software via the broadband connection, work online and all updates are handled centrally.

A strong internet connection is also crucial if you offer flexible working or staff work from different locations.  Otherwise, where they log into the business systems, they could experience a serious slow down or be unable to complete tasks due to the home network speed.

Finally, if you offer broadband for customers while inside the business, you will want a high-speed connection to handle the extra demand and allow staff to continue on their work.  Plus it creates a better experience for customers if the broadband connection is a fast one.

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