Do You Need a Non-Geographic Telephone Number?

30 January 2019

A non-geographic telephone number is one that comes in a few different formats and isn’t linked to your physical location.  They are virtual telephone numbers that are affordable for customers to ring and offer the option of a fixed cost for people ringing your business.

Telephone Numbers

There are a number of different options for these numbers.  The new 03 numbers are local rate calls that cost the same as ringing a 01 or 02 number.  It doesn’t matter if clients ring from landlines or mobiles and if they have free minutes, the calls will likely cost nothing.

0845 numbers are premium rate numbers and have the benefit of being available nationwide.  They don’t normally come as part of free minutes calls and the cost of ringing can be varied depending on the provider.  0800 numbers are freephone numbers that never cost the client to ring.

Using a non-geographic number lets you advertise your business anywhere in the country and not to seem ‘local’ to a specific part.  You can also assign numbers to specific marketing campaigns or use some with certain channels such as social media or your website to see where people find them and call from. 

By opting for 03 numbers, you can make it cost effective or even free for customers to ring you, regardless of where they are in the UK and numbers can be mapped to existing telephone numbers – so sent to a central reception, for example.

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