Best Waterproof Mobile Phones

25 February 2019

There’s nothing worse than the feeling when your mobile phone slips out of your hand and into the sink full of water – or the toilet!  And while some situations still call for a bag of rice and some patience, getting the best waterproof mobile phones can help ease the pain.  But which are currently the best of the best?

Waterproof Mobile Phone

When looking at smartphones, look for the IP rating – this stands for ‘ingress protection’ and defines the sealing effectiveness of the electrical components against water and dust.  The first number is against solid particles like dust and is rated from 1-6.  The second is for water protection and is from 1-8.  They are separate measures, not combined.

So for example, the Google Pixel 3 is currently rated as an IP68 – this means it is as high on the dust and waterproof scale as is currently available.  The Samsung Galaxy S9 has the same rating including the headphone jack and charging point. 

And if you are an Apple fan, the latest iPhone X model is also rated as IP68 with the company confident you don’t even need to worry about spilling tea, coffee or fruit juice on it.  Although with the price tag on some of these phones, it is often worth taking their word for it and not testing yourself!

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