What is a Cloud Based Phone System?

16 December 2019

Cloud based phone systems are the evolution of the traditional phone system and no longer require a normal connection to a phone line but instead send phone calls over the internet.  These systems are already becoming a standard for small, medium and large businesses for the convenience and cost savings involved.  Depending on the type and frequency of calls the business makes, savings can be anywhere from 30-80%.

Cloud Based Phone System

With a cloud based service, also known as VoIP or hosted voice, you can receive calls, faxes, visual voicemails and other types of communication as well as add a range of extra features such as call screening and monitoring.  Everyone in the business can log into the system and access all of the features and these often include team messaging and other collaboration features.

Cloud based systems also mean you can be available on the set number whether you are in the building or not.  As long as you can access the internet, you can log into your system from a mobile or another phone system and be available at the same number as normal.  This is ideal for flexible working where people can work from home but still answer the business line.

You can also choose the features you need to ensure the system is cost effective.  If you only make mostly local calls, then you can choose a package that reflects this.  On the other hand, if you call abroad a lot, then this can be factored into the package you choose.

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