Multiline Phone System – Does Your Business Need One?

16 December 2019

If you get a good number of incoming or outgoing phone calls to your business property, you will quickly find that a multiline phone system is the solution.  This allows you to use a number of lines both internally and externally and comes with a range of different features.  But how do you decide if your business needs one?

Multiline Phone System

A multiline phone system allows multiple people to be on the phone at the same time.  These calls can be internal to another line inside the business or external.  This means you can talk to customers, check something with a colleague or call another part of the business, all while having lines spare for incoming calls.

These systems are different from normal phone systems as they also allow multiple people to be on the phone at the same time.  A traditional phone is designed to make a call between one person and another.  They allow multiple lines by using a cordless extension that means you can attach more phone units to the system.

There are also a range of additional features that might make them a good option for your business.  These include caller ID, speakerphone and voicemail options as well as message waiting indicators, hold functions and call transfers to send a call to someone else in the business.  There is even ‘do not disturb’ features if you aren’t available to take calls and texting options.

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