Concerned About Business Cyber Security?

16 December 2019

Every business in existence is concerned about business cyber security – or they certainly should be.  If they aren’t, then they are leaving themselves open to a wide range of problems and potentially costly issues.  But what are the most key areas you should be concerned with when it comes to cyber security issues?

Cyber Security

A study earlier this year by insurer Hiscox found that 55% of UK firms had suffered from some kind of cyber-attacks this year, a jump of 15% on the year before.  Yet over 70% of these companies still describe themselves as ‘novices’ when it comes to understanding the cyber threats they face.

One of the most ways that businesses are exposed by cybercriminals is with phishing emails.  These are becoming increasingly sophisticated, pretending to be everyone from utility companies, HMRC or your bank.  And not everyone within the business can spot them – in fact, sometimes they even appear to have come from someone else inside the company.  Consequences of these attacks can include loss of data, compromised employee credentials, malware spreading or even actual theft of money.

Getting good cybersecurity basics in place is something every business should do.  This starts with things like educating staff, having strong password systems and multifactor authentication as well as using antivirus software.  But it does go beyond this and working with an expert in cyber security can be the best way to completely protect your company.

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