Hidden Dangers of Public Wi-fi

18 August 2019

As the number of people working from home grows, so does the number of people working from a range of locations and using public Wi-Fi to carry out their work.  But experts are warning that there are dangers involved with using public Wi-Fi and hackers have shown how easy it is to reach personal data through these public hotspots.

Wi-Fi Dangers

While it is a great idea to go to the local café, meet friends then do a little work, it is shockingly easy for hackers to use that connection to steal information.  Unsafe public Wi-Fi in all kinds of public buildings doesn’t have the same security measures that a home or business network would have, and hackers are exploiting this.

The worse part is that most of the time, people have no idea that they have been hacked.  It can take just a few minutes for the software to obtain information via a public network including passwords, bank information or credit card numbers.  Even more worryingly, they can often get information about where you live.

Experts say when using public Wi-Fi, make sure you check the connection with a member of staff to ensure it isn’t a false hotspot to grab your data.  Don’t log into social accounts or carry out any banking transactions and if you do need to go into something like Facebook, ensure you have two-factor authentication in place.  Make sure your firewall is working too.

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