Growth in Cyber Criminal Sharing Information

18 August 2019

While cyber protection constantly evolves to combat new threats, it seems cyber criminals are also finding new ways to attack unsuspecting people and businesses.  One of the new approaches they are taking involves co-operation between cyber criminal groups to better exploit weaknesses.

Cyber Criminal

According to the latest Cyber threatscape report from Accenture, it is becoming more difficult to identify which group is behind a particular threat as more are working together and exchanging ideas.  Open-source materials also mean that cyber criminals can easily find tools and software to adapt to their purposes.

While individuals are being caught and arrested, overall cyber criminal groups continue to work as others simply step in to continue.  This report shows a major change in how these groups work together.

Another area of change was the way in which they gain access to supply chain networks.  Malware sent through phishing emails was a traditional approach but the use of malware on web browsers that specifically target retailers and online merchants is growing.

Such groups are also clever in using the ‘global disinformation’ battlefield to influence social media users and exploit them.  They often use legitimate tools and disinformation campaigns, all with even more devious plans behind them.

Businesses are warned to continue to take precautions and work with companies to protect themselves against known and new threats from these groups.

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