Broadband Solutions for Rural Scotland

18 August 2019

The new government in London have set a target of 100% full-fibre coverage by 2025 across the UK and this means that broadband firms have to work extra hard to meet this demand.  One of the more challenging areas is rural Scotland where broadband is already behind other parts of the country and the challenges to upgrade even trickier.


The challenges are complex.  For example, the fibre cables are still taxed as if they were business buildings and some reform is needed to help meet the ambitious plans.  The ability to access buildings can also be an issue when landlords are unresponsive and therefore upgrades cannot be put in place, particularly in rural areas.

New build properties for homes and businesses are still being built without fibre connectivity so even the newest properties still require some upgrades to meet the new standards.  And one of the biggest problems is that there is a skills gap for people needed to make the upgrades.

Having said all that, companies are working hard to find solutions for rural communities so that domestic and commercial customers can experience the same speed of broadband as in other areas.  Extra investment is just needed to help the process along.

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