Would you Delete Your Company’s Social Media Accounts?

22 April 2019

Social media has quickly become one of the main ways to build relationships with clients and communicate with them.  But for Lush, the cosmetics company, the decision has been to step away from social entirely.  So would your company be likely to follow their example?

Social Media

According to Lush, it is ‘switching up social’ and wants to talk directly to customers via its own live chat on its own website rather than via social media sites.  With over 500,000 Instagram followers and over 400,000 Facebook likes, it seems that the move could potentially backfire on the company with so many users relying on these options to see what a company is doing.

Lush is continuing to use social media in North America and said they were also continuing to work in influencer marketing.  But they said they were ‘tired of fighting with algorithms’ and didn’t want to pay to appear in people’s newsfeed.

However, experts also noted that their content sometimes worked against the brand and that the move seemed to be of a ‘protest move’ rather than a genuine sentiment.  While organic reach has been dying for some time, it is still an important channel for customers to reach and interact with brands.  So it seems Lush may be deleting social media, but most other companies are sticking around.

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