Upgrade Your Phone System and Save Money

20 October 2018

In business, it is often easy to fall into the mindset of ‘if it works, stick with it’ and it can be a good one for some things.  But when you are talking about things like your phone system, this might not be the case.  Because phone systems have advanced a lot in recent years and your old one might be costing your money.

For example, modern phone systems can use VoIP (voice over IP) which lets you make calls via the internet.  This saves money on the cost of those calls and also offers extra benefits.  In fact, some businesses can save as much as 45% on their costs for phone calls by making the switch – but a modern phone system is key for this.

A high quality system also allows staff to be at their most productive because it allows better integration with other systems.  Cloud systems are top of this list, letting colleagues work together without the need for constant contact but instead to use messaging apps, voice and video conferencing features and even online whiteboards or project management tools.

Thirdly, a new phone system offers a better customer experience.  Less chance of lost calls, dropped calls or putting people through to the wrong person, these systems work more efficiently and keep customers on the line.  They also integrate with other systems to allow call monitoring, data about phone calls and even better security.

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