Is Artificial Intelligence Poised to be the Future of Information Technology?

19 October 2018

Artificial intelligence or AI isn’t a new idea – science fiction writers have been talking about it for generations.  But with advances in technology, AI has become an increasingly common part of everyday life – voice activated gadgets, smart assistants on phones and messenger bots on social media are just a few examples.  So is AI the future of IT?

There are people who are worried that AI will take their jobs.  And there’s no doubt that some of the jobs in some sectors may well be replaced by ever-smarter machines.  But there are also huge numbers of jobs where people are always needed and new roles that will emerge as these jobs are taken by AI. 

AI is also a great way to boost productivity, to be an assistant and helper that lets you get more done by handing off tasks to smart assistants.  Data mining is an example of this while something as simple as personalised search results can help cut down the time it takes to get a job done.

Another big AI-IT area is going to be security.  As AI learned what is real and what is fake, it can help to weed out those phony news stories, fake political ads and all the other spam that have caused so many problems in recent times.  And there will doubtless be AI used for negative purposes and therefore people needed to combat them.

For most people, AI is something to be positive about.  While there will always be issued and people who worry about the world become a Terminator movie script, there are enough clever people working on it that this should never be a problem.

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