Call to Switch UK to a Single Rural Mobile Phone Network

18 October 2018

Problems with the quality of phone signals in rural areas has long been a problem for domestic and commercial users.  Now, a cross-party group of MPs are recommending the introduction of a single rural mobile phone network with the aim of offering faster and more reliable 4G network access to rural areas.

The idea is that mobile users have the ability to roam between different networks in order to get a good signal as they move around.  While 4G is changing how businesses operate and making it easier for people to talk and access the internet, rural areas often lag behind as their particular network may not offer that coverage in their area.

But the group’s recommendation is that rural roaming should be introduced, increasing transparency and accountability of operators alongside it.  This would also push the prioritisation of coverage over license fees and make the ability to use 4G then eventually 5G a priority for all network providers.

Currently, people in rural areas are disadvantaged by the poor quality of network access but the report seems to accept this and plan out some steps to be taken to ensure the change is better, faster and more connected for everyone living away from the big urban centres.

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