Samsung New Folding Smartphone Revealed

22 November 2018

The world of the smartphone took a new direction this week as Samsung revealed their new folding handset for the first time.  The latest creation in the world of smartphones has an Infinity Flex Display which looks like an 18.5cm tablet.  But it closes to create a smaller ‘cover display’ handset when folded, making it more pocket or handbag friendly.


Samsung has been competing with Huawei for the last five years to be the first company to produce a folding mobile phone handset.  And the company say they intend to start production within months.  They were a little upstaged when a little-known start-up called Royole also unveiled a foldable smartphone – and unlike Samsung, they showed their device in all different modes.

The South Korean giant is in need of a boost after stagnant growth in the number of smartphones that they sold this year compared to last year.  They have said the new folding phone will be able to run three apps at once and will lie flat when closed.  Google has also confirmed they are working on operating systems for folding phones that work on their Android system.

The smartphone has come a long way from the first mobile phone released in 1994 – it did have a touchscreen, but the battery only lasted an hour!

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