Need Help with an IT Office Move?

25 November 2018

An office move can be a stressful time for a business.  There’s the potential loss of revenue while the business can’t function, the need to get all the IT equipment moved and working again and the chance that something doesn’t go to plan.  The key to having a successful IT move is to get the right help with your IT equipment.


At Clyde Solutions, we can help you organise your office move and make it as simple and efficient as possible.  The key to a good office move is to plan ahead, including looking at all the equipment you have and isolating heritage equipment.  This is the older stuff that probably doesn’t have much in the way of instructional manuals or helps information – maybe it is no longer in production.  This is the equipment that is most likely to cause problems during the move and may be a good candidate for a replacement.

Once the move is planned and the potential problem equipment highlighted, you can start getting ready.  We can help assess the IT infrastructure at the new location to see if work is needed to make it suitable for your requirements.  This can be done ahead of the move where possible or even as the move is taking place.

We will be with you on the day of the move to help handle the IT equipment and get it running in the new location as quickly as possible.   This means disruption for customers is as short as possible and gets everything operational once more.

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