How Digitisation Can Boost Your Business

23 November 2018

Digitisation is a common part of the changing workplace, often without us even realising it.  We have employees working from home for some periods of the week in flexible working.  Or we have staff carrying around tablets to take orders from clients in the store rather than directing them to a traditional checkout.  Is it just technology for technology’s sake or can digitisation boost your business?


One of the biggest benefits of going digital is that things take less time.  Take cloud software as an example – with a good internet connection it is speedy, reliable, constantly updated and there are many options for each business need.  If one isn’t working, you simply switch to another.  Compare this with old software systems where you bought the software, housed it at your business, required constant updates and if it didn’t work, you were still stuck with it.

Digitisation also allows for better customer interactions and more ways to get in touch.  From just the phone, you can now offer phone, email, Live Chat through the website, social media and even messaging apps such as Messenger or WhatsApp.  These open up options for your customers so they can reach you in various ways and improves the customer experience.

While there are risks from digital threats that didn’t exist before the internet, there are also many ways to secure your business from them and monitor what is happening.  The amount of data available to businesses about all areas of the company is at an unprecedented level and means you can be more in control than ever.

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