iPhone v Android - Which is better

29 March 2018

In the smartphone world, there is always a big debate: iPhone v Android – which is better?  Much of the answer is about personal opinion.  Diehard iPhone fans will resolutely defend their favourite while others love one of the various Android devices.  But when the question is for business, how should you approach the question?

In terms of range, there are lots more Android phones than iPhones.  That’s because Apple makes iPhones and there are a limit number of models.  Various manufacturers including Samsung, Google and Moto all make Android phones, and all have their own benefits for the users.  So, if you want to get different phones for different areas of the business, Android does have the flexibility – although this massive choice can sometimes be a negative when it comes to making up your mind.

Security is another big concern for business users and both types of phones have strong security credentials.  With iPhones, Apple closely monitors all software that is used on their phones and this makes them very secure.  Android devices are open to a wider field but built-in security into the phones still makes them very safe.

The software features of both types of phones are very full and varied meaning there is little you can’t do on both.  iOS (iPhone) tends to be more polished and easier to use while Android offers power users a little more.

As with the debate around Mac vs PC, it is really a personal choice as to which is better.  Look at the cost of the phone and contract, the features and benefits and the ease of which your staff can use the phone as good indicators of which way to go.

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