IT Support in Scotland

30 June 2018

Clyde Solutions offer IT support in Scotland for businesses of all kinds to help get and manage your IT systems and keep them running perfectly.  We offer a wide range of services to allow you to select just what your business needs.

As an independent company, we can offer a range of solutions from different IT vendors and are not tied to any of them.  This means we find the best deal for you, not for us.  When it comes to purchasing equipment for your business’ IT needs, we can use our procurement power to get the best possible deals whether you need a laptop for your start-up or 200 desktop PCs for your new expansion office.

Key to many businesses is their network and internet connection as well as their hosting services.  We can help with all of these.  Hosting services include many types of software you use on a daily basis but that doesn’t need to be based on a server in the office because it uses cloud storage.  And you need a good network to be able to access all these systems and the many more things that businesses use the internet on a daily basis.  If you need to upgrade or change your IT networks, we can also assist with this.

We always hope that nothing goes wrong in your business, but the fact is, sometimes it does.  That’s why we can help with backup and disaster recovery to assist you in making certain that if something does go wrong, you are back up and running quickly.  We can help with everything from data recovery to server recovery and also with business continuity plans.

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