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30 June 2018

Relocating your business is a big thing – taking everything from one location to another and getting it operational in the shortest time is the aim.  When it comes to the IT systems in your business, these can be both needed quickest and the most challenging to handle.  Working with an expert in IT business moves can be the best approach.  They can help you plan the move and reduce the risk of something going wrong.

One of the biggest problems in a move is what is known as legacy equipment – older equipment that the company has been using for a long time.  There’s no instruction manuals, no support and if something goes wrong, you just have to figure it out.  An IT and telecoms expert will be better placed to handle this than anyone.

Making sure that the new office network is up to your needs is also part of the planning.  No point getting set up then finding that an upgrade was needed, and more downtime is required to do it.  By doing this first, you can save time and costs.  Plus the move will be a onetime project – once you are set up everything will work like clockwork.

If you decide that you need to upgrade or change any systems, equipment or contracts, the business move can be the perfect time to do this.  You can find cheaper or more efficient systems and implement them in the new premises to make some savings.

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