Device Management Solutions

30 June 2018

Getting the right equipment is important for any business and when that equipment relates to the phone and internet systems in your business, it is one of the key systems.  Clyde Solutions are here to help with device management solutions to help you get that right equipment and also to maintain it once it is in place.

For starters, we work with two of the main types of business phone systems in use around the UK – Avaya and NEC.  NEC is one of the world’s top communication companies and offer systems that work for anything from one to 500 employees.  As an authorised partner, we can provide their telephone systems for your business and also complete regular maintenance on them.  They offer systems that are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, companies such as estate agents or insurance brokers and even a specialist Hotelier system.

We also offer Avaya telephone systems that offer integrated systems and devices as well as applications.  This system allows you to easily switch between devices and applications, so you can reply to an email by speaking or answer a phone call from a tablet.  There are also specialist systems for the likes of doctor’s surgery that allow patient data to be recalled from a tablet or smartphone as well as desktop.

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