What is Digital Transformation?

25 July 2018

Digital transformation is where all digital technology is integrated across the whole business, creating a fundamental change in how the business operates and how it offers value to its customers.  It is also a change to company culture, requiring new approaches and a break with the status quo.

Digital transformation looks different for every business because each business has different components.  But there are some general concepts to the process.  It looks to make fundamental changes to how the business operates and to create new processes and practices that will raise efficiency and make for a better customer experience.

For some companies, digital transformation is something they want to do – for others, it is more critical.  The key to doing it is to get the right help with the process.  Working with experts in such transformations can help get the desired result for the business with the minimum disruption for staff, partners and customers.

Nine out of ten businesses find that the integration of their digital technology leads to greater efficiency while over half found that their profits increased due to the changes.  And then there’s the less tangible benefits – customers are used to a certain level of digital integration and view businesses poorly when this isn’t offered.  By performing such steps, the business can ‘catch up’ with customer expectation.

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