Hosted Telephony Can Help Your Business

25 July 2018

Telephony is at the heart of many businesses, used to communicate with clients, access the internet and use a variety of cloud software.    Therefore, having a stable and high-quality telephony system is a key part of business success.  That is also why many companies are choosing hosted telephony to help their business – but what is this?

Hosted telephony uses cloud technology rather than physical hardware or service on-site such as traditional computing to offer a reliable and high-quality connection.  Everything is held at a secured data centre and is accessed via the cloud.  It has changed the way IT infrastructure works and allows businesses to have fully-functioning IT infrastructure without paying out a fortune for hardware and equipment.

Hosted telephony also brings the ease of scalability and greater flexibility with it.  Businesses find a month on month saving and can easily upgrade or add to services as the business grows.  Or if changes happen and something new is needed, it is easy to change and adapt the packages to suit.

When you use experts in hosted telephony you also get a system that is reliable and secure.  Cloud software does sometimes come with a reputation for being more ‘hackable’ than other options but with an expert provider, this isn’t a concern and security is to the highest standard.

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