5G Networks, When Will They Be Available?

25 July 2018

The next big thing in terms of internet access and mobile networks is the 5G development.  It seems to have been discussed for a long time with no clear step forwarding forecasted.  So do we know when 5G networks will be available?

Currently, network providers around the world are working towards the use of 5G networks.  Throughout this year, testing is being done and the first smartphones to be able to use the new system are expected to be released in early 2019.  The idea is to bring broadband-equivalent download speeds to mobile networks, cutting out the long wait for things to download, stream video or even to get websites to load.

5G networks can also handle more data and allow more devices to connect at the same time.  This has potential benefits for businesses who can use more devices at once without loss of speed or features.  The current 4G network stops at around 50 megabits per second but most times is a lot slower.  The new 5G networks have already shown to run at over 100 times this speed.

The main reason that 5G is so much quicker is that it uses parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that aren’t currently used by other networks.  This means new receiver and transmitter technology is required but will allow the networks to communicate with very high and very low-frequency waves, something that is currently impossible.

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