Do Businesses Still Need Landlines in 2018?

23 January 2018

With the spread of the smartphone, it may seem that the days of the landline are numbered.  Even for businesses with a set location, more and more mobile phones seem to be sneaking into office use.  So, the question is do businesses still need landlines in 2018?

Here’s one thing to consider – the cost.  Landlines are now a lot more cost-effective than before and offer a range of extra benefits.  Sure, if there are just two or three of you in the business and you are all mobile, then a landline system may not be needed.  But for businesses with premises and any number of employees, a landline system is more cost-effective than a mobile at times however many people work for the company.

There’s another consideration – the perception.  People still think that a landline means a well-established business while a mobile-only number can seem a little transient.  This isn’t the case for everyone but for some, the landline is a positive.  There’s also a perception that a landline offers a better quality of call than a mobile and also are cheaper to call, which is often very true.

Landline systems are also easiest to scale as your business grows compared with adding more mobile phones.  You can expand it to different locations within the business, add more lines and numbers and extra features such as VoIP to help make the most of your landline subscription.  And if you move to another location within the same area code, you can take your number with you, saving money on all of those redirects.

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