The Importance of Digital Ethics

27 December 2018

Digital ethics is a complex area that has become more relevant as we spend more time online.  For businesses, the subject involves not only questions around staff but also customers and other businesses that they work with.  Understanding the importance of digital ethics is something that we all need to do.


One example is the online choices that we make.  This is about how we represent ourselves, how the choices we make reveal information about our lives and what we believe.  And businesses collecting this data need to think about why they are collecting it and how does it help the person or group of people on whose data you hold.  In other words, is it ethical to collect and hold this information?  Does your business need it?

Artificial intelligence is an area that raises interesting questions about digital ethics.  AI has the potential to make our lives much easier but there are also issues that come along with it.  Added to that is the ever-present risk of a hack or a cybercriminal getting access to the company’s data.  This means securing data held on customers, generic research information and other data need to be as closely protecting as the company’s banking information.

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