Benefits of Video Conferencing

28 December 2018

Video conference uses software to connect people together, allowing them to see and speak to each other even when they are in different parts of the world.  Benefits of video conferencing include the clear ones but also some more subtle ones that might surprise you.

Video Conference

The biggest benefit is that you get optimised attendance at every meeting without travel time and costs.  This means you can arrange and meeting and almost everyone can be present without moving from their desk or home office.  This makes for a very successful meeting and ensures that everyone gets the most out of the time spent.

Video meetings can also be more structured than in-person meetings.  There’s less chit-chat and more focus on the agenda.  It also means everyone can see and hear what is said, and it is easier to send follow up emails and voicemails afterwards.

One study in 2013 showed that 94% of companies found using video conferencing software improved productivity and the quality of the tools available has advanced considerably since then.  Less time is spent travelling to and from meetings while taking action on the content of a meeting can be done quickly and efficiently.  It can even help with employee retention as there are no long distance trips for meetings and everything can instead take place over the internet.

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