Do You Need Faster Broadband?

26 August 2018

Broadband speed is a big topic for businesses – how fast do you need to go?  Why is it so important?  Can it handle your demands as well as be fast?  For some businesses, the question takes a step further back – do you need faster broadband for your business?  Here’s why the answer is a firm yes.

The simplest benefit to faster broadband is that your staff can work quicker.  If you use any internet communications apps, online tools, cloud-based software or even run a website, the speed of your internet is crucial.  The quicker, the better but also the more reliable.  The last thing you want is it failing in the middle of a client call or failing to send those crucial, time-sensitive documents to the client because the file was too large and the connection too small.

It can also save your money and space.  That’s because you can use more cloud-based software rather than having to store it on a physical server in the business property.  Not only does this remove the need for constant updates, it also means that you don’t need to worry about server security.  And crucial customer data can be kept on the cloud, meaning there is less of a worry if you are broken into.

Finally, fast broadband can add customer benefits, providing them with free, high-speed connections while they are visiting your business.  This is something more people now expect and can have benefits from in-store analytics and data collection.

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