Do You Need Fast Wi-Fi for Your Customers?

26 August 2018

When people arrive at your business property, you look to make them feel welcome and comfortable.  You might offer them a coffee, a comfortable seat.  One thing that people are increasingly looking for when they arrive at business premises is access to their Wi-Fi.

Surveys show that customers increasingly expect to access Wi-Fi when they are in a business property and that they also expect it to be fast.  For retailers, it can help increase sales, allowing customers to do some research while in the store as well as ordering out of stock items or even sending them specialist marketing while in store.

But it isn’t just retail businesses.  The hospitality industry, for example, has found many people are more likely to stay longer, have another coffee or order something to eat if there’s free, high-speed Wi-Fi.  With the growth of flexible working, people are looking for different places to work and if you offer food and drink combined with free Wi-Fi this can be a real draw for customers.

Connecting to the business Wi-Fi can also have benefits for the business.  It allows for a wide range of analytics while in the store, helps with digital marketing efforts and can even get information on customer shopping habits when done in the right way.

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