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19 September 2017

When you are looking for business telecom solutions in Scotland, you need to focus on what kind of quality service you will receive, to look at the innovations on offer and consider how easy it is for the company to visit your premises to help.  Here at Clyde Solutions, we cover areas including Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Glasgow and offer a wide range of solutions for your business.

Key to any business telecom solutions is the telephone system and many companies use a variety of systems that offer more benefits than merely talking to customers.  To help you get the right system, we assess what is required by the business including the physical types of phone that you need as well as options such as VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – and whether this will work for your business.

Business telephone systems are also about the small touches that create a professional feel to every communication.  Something as simple as music when on hold can help people relax and be ready for the call rather than feeling flustered and ignored.  Call recording software also protects both staff and customers, recording conversations to allow quality checks and referral in the case of queries or complaints.

Additional solutions include the use of business mobile phones connected with the system for people working remotely or who have mobile jobs for the business.  This allows staff to access important systems wherever they are while retaining the top level of security on all devices.

Please contact Clyde Solutions to discuss your requirements.

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