4G phones, what’s the best?

27 November 2017

4G phones are the latest version of the mobile network that allows all devices to access the internet.  Replacing 2G and 3G, it has quickly become the desired standard for phones of all budgets and purposes.  But of the 4G phones, what’s the best?

There are some great new phones that are pending release at any time.  We have just seen the anticipated release of the iPhone 8 and the new iPhone X model as well as new smartphones from Samsung, Nokia, LG and the new Google Pixel 2.  All of these phones and the majority of others that are being released into next year are automatically 4G compatible.

Standard 4G is currently around 5-7 times faster than 3G and can offer speeds up to 150Mbps, equating to real world speeds of around 80Mbps.  This means that it would take a 2GB HD film 3 minutes 20 seconds to download across a 4G network – versus 25 minutes on a standard 3G network.

Some parts of the UK are also seeing the new 4G-LTE-Advanced which can offer an even bigger speed improvement.  Currently, Greater London has it through some networks, termed as 4G+ as well as cities such as Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.  There is also talk of the development of 5G and its future implementation.

So, the question isn’t really about which phone is best for 4G but more about the quality of the network you have in your area and to your business.  All good smartphones have the potential to be 4G, it just depends on the surrounding infrastructure.

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