Samsung Galaxy S7 – The Pros and Cons

30 March 2017

Launched in spring 2016, the Galaxy S7 has proved to be a popular mobile phone for both personal and business use.

Technology is sophisticated ensuring that we are linked with every aspect of life and work. The S7 has generates demand among customers, with many special features that make it the stand out phone in many ways.

Metal & Glass Body

For most people, a robust and stylish handset is a must and the S7 doesn’t disappoint. There are several colour options, as well as a metallic frame and glass-backed case. The complete flat screen makes for an improved viewing experience.

Weighing 152g and measuring 142m x 70mm x 7.9mm you can see why this waterproof handset is popular.

Camera & Screen

The screen on the S7 is a fantastic feature, offering spot on colour contrast and accuracy. As well as a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440.

If you enjoy photographing everything from people to landscape, the on-board camera is versatile, offering beautiful low light shots as well as capturing moving objects too.

Battery Life

Battery life is something of a mixed bag. Although Samsung have muted that there is water-cooling technology as part of the battery set up, they have given too much away of this sensitive information.

Most people with the S7 have found that a daily or nightly charge is the best way of maintaining battery life. Although packed with battery-saving features, the sheer weight and volume of the apps and so on you can use on the phone to stay connected can mean the battery power is depleted during use – but it is not a game-changer when it comes to choosing the S7.

The Software

As you would expect, Samsung have made a few but much-needed changes to the software. Earlier version came complete with Android Marshmallow 6.0 preinstalled. TouchWiz is still present although users say that it is less irritating and intrusive than previous versions.

There is plenty of opportunity to customise screens, apps and other gadgets on the phone and although some complain that ‘settings’ is as fussy as ever, it seems to offer everything that a user needs – and more.

Is it the right phone for you?

The Samsung S7 is not just a refinement of the S6 handset and modern. It is a desirable phone which is enjoyed and liked by the majority of S7 users.

It faces stiff competition however, as it occupies a crowded spot in the mobile phone market but, what does set it apart is the camera. Worth a second look? Absolutely.

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