Computer Theft: How Data Backup Can Help Your Business Recover

30 March 2017

2016 saw over two billion records stolen via hacks. Computer theft can strike anyone at anytime, anywhere from sole traders, big businesses to personal accounts.

Backing up data is essential. Without it, lost information remains lost and that spells disaster for your business. Imagine trying to start all over again, with no major pieces of information and data, gathered over many years of trading, to help you.

The Solution – Backing Up Data

Making a copy of your information on a regular or daily basis is critical to the continued success of your business.

It takes hardly any time and yet, it is an activity often lost in the midst of a busy day. It can ‘one of those jobs’, and ‘just another thing to do’ but remains critical.

However, making one copy in one format is only one solution. Computer experts agree that the best way of backing up data is to do so via a variety of means.

Multiple backups are an insurance policy should the worse happen. It means you have two copies using two different formats.

Making backing up a habit is essential but what are the options?

External Hard Drive

Just like the hard drive in a PC, these hard drives can record thousands upon thousands of bits of data that can then be removed from the workplace to keep safe in another location.

However, hard drives fail from time to time and unless you have the time, skills and money to grab this information back, it can potentially be lost forever. But because you do multiple backups, you have another copy elsewhere.

Flash Drives

Small ‘sticks’ that plug into the USB port on your PC that can also record an awful lot of data and information from your PC.

They are portable, like a hard drive but can become corrupted or fail, rendering them useless.

Cloud Backup

Cloud services are now many and varied and so there is bound to be something that fits with your budget and your storage needs.

The great thing about cloud services is that you can access them from anywhere and you only need to pay for the storage you use, making it a scalable solution for most businesses.

Cloud service companies also have high security features that seem to prevent many hacks and unauthorised data breaches, and they too have their own backup systems. Choose a reputable provider before signing up.

Backing up means creating a copy and that means safeguarding your business. Computer theft is a common story, even when there is a high level of protection and security.

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