Why Should I Back-Up My Data?

29 June 2017

Why wouldn’t you back-up your data?!

There are many reasons why making a copy or two of your valuable files and information is critical to the ongoing success of your business…

Effectively, you may a copy of your data so that in the event of loss of one set of files etc., you have a copy to access to continue with the day-to-day running of your business.

Data loss happens for many reasons;


You only have to look back a few months to see the natural disasters that have struck homes and businesses in various parts of the country.

Floods, gales, winter storms and raging fires can all bring a business to its knees. As well as being a heart-breaking disaster, there are practical issues too.

The clean-up from natural disasters can take months, sometimes years. On one hand, you may have to find a temporary location for your business but if you don’t have your databases, your operating files, emails etc. how can you continue?


Technology is a fabulous thing – it has given so many people so many opportunities. For your business, it allows you to connect with a new customer demographic and explore other markets.

But there are challenges too. Hackers are anonymous private individuals and groups who create malicious software that they then implant into your PC, locking it and rendering it useless.

The ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack affected over 200,000 organisations worldwide, with 47 NHS Trusts severely affected.

Eventually, the problem was resolved, more by a stroke of good luck but it left many businesses and organisations scrambling to their backups to continue running and operating.

As well as having backups to continue trading, having high-end online security protection is also essential in minimising the effects of any possible cyber-attack.

When and How to Back-up

Backing up should be done on a regular and frequent basis. The more recent a copy of your files you have, the less frustrating and worrying loss of data will be.

Large organisations with more sophisticated backup technology backup on an ongoing basis, but other businesses will back up at the end of the day. Others tend to do it ‘when they remember’ and this is not a great state of affairs.

There is various back-up ‘how to’ options and our team can talk you through many of these. From backing up your PC on a USB stick or external hard drive to having an integrated system across your network.

Give our team a call and be data safe, not sorry.

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