Business Landlines – Are They Still Relevant?

31 July 2017

Is a business landline still needed by a business? Have they become too expensive for the little use that some businesses seem to have of them?

Some telecom experts believe yes, a business still needs a landline but others point out of range of other telecom services that are not only cheaper but improving in quality and usability too.

What are the arguments for and against a business landline?

#1 Quality counts

 A landline provides a crisp, clear connection, 24 hours a day every day of the year. There is no buzzing and no other sound issues.

Voice over Internet protocols or VoIP such as Skype are not, say some, always reliable. Although voice only internet calls are becoming a higher quality some people say that this is hit and miss. But say critics, the quality of VoIP is expected to become even better in the future.

#2 Dropping a landline means dropping incoming sales calls

On one hand, it is a familiar technology and if people cannot order online, they would sooner pick up the phone. If you introduce another type of call, such as Skype, not everyone would be prepared to take a leap of faith and use this ‘new’ technology.

Secondly, critics also say that as yet, there is still a whole generation that is not willing to use Skype or other kinds of technology they are unfamiliar with. Could not having a business landline cause your business to lose business?

#3 Usable, uncomplicated, available

Probably due to our familiarity with it, using a landline is an almost universal skill. As most employees have landlines at home, they know how to operate the phone without training. If you have a call transfer and waiting system, they will need to be shown how to use this but this in itself is not complicated.

But say critics, using VoIP system is not complex either. Once set up – a process that takes minutes rather than hours of tedious struggle – employees can quickly and easily access the system and are able to make outgoing calls and accept incoming ones.

#4 Creates the right impression

Sometimes, for some businesses, to snag deals and contracts they need to give the illusion of size. There are many ways of doing this and one is to have a phone and landline system that gives off the impression of not only size but that your business has the ability to deliver what you can when you say you can.

Does a mobile number have the same impact? Does it create the right impression? Does VoIP technology give the right impression? It may do in some industries but in others, it all may look not-quite-right and overly complex.


A business landline is an additional overhead for your business to meet every month and for some, this can be a substantial payment. By not relying on traditional technology, it may be possible for your company to save money.

Above all, you need the right solution. If you think a business landline is essential or superfluous for your business, why not have a chat with our team?

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