Mobile Phones in 2017 – Which Ones Will be The Must-Have Phone?

24 January 2017

Ownership of smart phones is at an all-time high and with many of us relying on the gadgets several times a day, upgrading our phone in 2017 is a possibility.

For a business, having the latest tech gear to keep our employees connected and safe is important. This is possibly why you are looking to next big thing in smart phone technology in the coming year.

But what do the big names have in store?

Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

With an expected release date of September 2017, most Apple pundits are expecting the firm to go big to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

A combination of hardware and design changes could make the iPhone 8 the most radical iPhone to date, great news if you are an Apple fan.

Rumours are circulating that the iPhone 8 could be a single sheet of glass, embedded with TouchID scanner technology and no more home button.

Other rumours are that wireless charging could be here with this model, as well as biometric scan features such as iris scanning. It is also promised it will be amazingly fast.

HTC 11

HTC is expected to launch its new phone, the HTC 11 in March 2017 with a UK release date of the following month.

Previous models have suffered from poor battery life but say HTC, this issue is now resolved. It also has a faster processor and those that have caught a glimpse of the design say that the rather boring design of the previous two models has well and truly been left behind. A worthwhile contender with a high-end specification by all accounts.


With an announcement expected in February 2017 and a sale date of 10 March (yet to be confirmed, it could all change), LG is rumoured to have ditched the modular design with the new G6 phone.

It competes against the Samsung Galaxy S-series and is likely to offer some serious competition with fast wireless charging. There are also rumours of an iris scanner too that uses the same sensor in the phone’s front camera.

Nokia 6

Rumours are flying about the Nokia 6 making its release sometime in late February but this is yet to be confirmed.

Nokia is getting back into the mobile phone market after its disastrous foray with a Windows only phone. The Nokia 6 will be Android with a 5.5 inch full HD screen and a battery that packs a punch. However, Nokia are keeping us guessing as some rumours suggest this phone is not for global launch but others say the Nokia 8 will be available in the UK. Who knows? But worth keeping an eye out for.

The right mobile phone can make a big difference to your business. Which one will you choose?

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