Is it Time to Update your Business Phone Solutions?

27 February 2017

The digital age moves on at an increasingly faster pace, it can be easy for a business to be left behind.

But how can you keep up when there are financial implications? Can you afford to keep updating your business telephone systems?

There are many options and this can make the decision even more confusing.

Traditional phone system

Many businesses still rely and run a traditional phone system. This usually incorporates renting several lines, as well as the usual hardware of phones on desks and so on. There is usually a switchboard point, in which one or two phones control phone calls in, directing them to extensions as needed.

Whilst this work some companies, it is not right for all businesses. Line rental installation costs and monthly renting of phone lines can be a significant outlay. Unless you are making full use of the phone system, it may be worth looking at alternatives.

Are alternatives to a traditional phoneline reliable?

Technology moves at a stealer speeds and Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP has revolutionised the how businesses make and receive phone calls.

In its infancy, VoIP connections and quality of calls could be poor. Connection could be lost. But, with the advent of broadband and superfast fibre broadband, increasing volumes and complexity of data and information handled via the internet has made VoIP a far more reliable alternative to a traditional phone line system.

It enables you to make calls over the internet and in most cases, these calls are free or very low cost. There are many programs and apps that adapt to VoIP calls and with widespread use amongst your customers, VoIP may be the way forward for you.

What about mobile phone solutions?

As well as landlines, your business may have significant outlay in relation to business mobile phone packages.

Again, the technology behind mobile phones has changed beyond all recognition, with new products coming to market all the time.

There are also many variations in costs relating to mobile phones and contracts, all of which are worth exploring to get the best deal.

Mobile phones provide the means for your staff to stay connected in many ways, including the use of apps and cloud computing. This makes remote working much easier, as well as improved communications.

Pulling all options together

It can be difficult to understand what it is your business needs to function well. But as a company, you want to innovate and be forward-thinking – and this starts with technology and how you use it.

Familiarity with a telephone system is no longer reason enough to keep hold of a system that may be costing you far more than it needs to, and without offering you the advantages that you need from it.

Find out more by calling our expert team here at Clyde Solutions.

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