Business Mobile Phones – Do Your Staff Really Need Them?

27 February 2017

With so many business heads niggling away at your bottom line, adding another expense such as business mobile phones can seem like a step too far.

But mobile phones are most than just about texting and making the odd phone call. They bring three key benefits to your business and your staff team.

#1 Increased Flexibility

The increase in flexibility brought about using mobile phones is instantly noticeable.

Increasingly, businesses are reaping the rewards of allowing staff flexible working patterns, including working from home or remote working. To do this, there needs to be a high level of communication.

Cloud computing has revolutionised the work place (see point #2) and mobile phone are now part of this. They are more than just handsets for texting and one-to-one phone calls. Business mobiles can be used for conference calling and a hive of other activities.

Better still, for travelling employees, they allow them to maintain in contact with clients and HQ, and via a means that is increasingly reliable.

#2 Making Better Use of Technology

Cloud computing is a phenomenon that many businesses are realising the full potential of. It allows people to stay in touch, share documents and edits, access data and information, all done from wherever you may be.

This is great news for upping productivity and being able to turn around projects quicker, without compromising on quality.

The truth is that business mobile phone handsets are far more sophisticated and can connect you to everything that a laptop or tablet can. Imagine how much simpler life would be if basic business activities could be carried out on a mobile phone?

#3 Global Reach

If you are a business with a global reach, you will appreciate the difficulties of working across time zones.

Although technology doesn’t make a 2am phone call any more fun than what it is, it can make the connection more reliable and easier. And with roaming charges of mobiles under scrutiny, it may be that your global reach expands ever further.

In fact, the days of mobile phones being expense additions to your business are well and truly on the wane.

Getting the Best Deal

To get the right deal at the right price, you need to understand what it is your staff team need for their business mobile phones.

Are they used for making phone calls or do they need more sophisticated handsets, complete with a data-rich package for regularly accessing the internet, downloading information and so on?

Working with Clyde Solutions presents an easier way of getting the right business mobile phone packages. Why not call us?

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