2018 and Mobile Phones?

28 December 2017

Want to ask someone in the industry about 2018 and mobile phones?  Need to quiz them about the best business mobile phones to help you decide about what might be best for your business?  Don’t worry, we can help with a snapshot guide to the world of the best business smartphones.

There are a few things to think about with a business phone that are a little different to a personal use phone.  Sure, the look and feel of the phone matters and features like the camera can also be beneficial.  But what you want are features that will work with your business IT system, that is easy to use even for the least tech-savvy employee and obviously the cost.

Many businesses stick with Android using phones for work.  This includes the popular Samsung models and the new Google Pixel phones.  The ability to work with common systems such as Google web browsers and G Suite features make them great for integration while these phones offer some cost-effective models.

Apple’s iPhone remains one of the top sellers and the new 8 and X models have created a lot of attention.  These devices are high powered, great to use and very stylish.  Perhaps the only downside is that they use their dedicated iOS system that works with Mac computers but may not coordinate as easily with Windows systems.

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