Is It Time to Consider Hosted Telephony for Your Business?

25 August 2017

If you are still relying on a traditional Private Branch Exchange or PBX system, now is the time to consider the impact that hosted telephony could have for your business.

What is Hosted Telephony?

It is a telephone system that relies on the cloud rather than being ‘in’ your office. And this means your business can realise the benefits that a cloud-based telephony system has to offer.

Users access the system by using a standard IP headset or a softphone, a screen-based virtual phone with the headset. Calls are made and received over a broadband connection.

The Benefits of Hosted Telephony

It means no costly PBC maintenance or upgrades, with your hosted telephony support provider responsible for ensuring you have the right software upgrades when you need it. Depending on your support package, you may also get new hardware on a regular basis too.

But what else does hosted telephony offer?

  • Control – for your business, this method of receiving, making and transferring calls within your organisation gives you increased control. Every aspect is easily managed right down to individual user level, complete with a simple interface.
  • An increasingly familiar technology – some years ago, it would have been easy to understand the reluctance behind swapping to cloud technology. But it is not a technological fad: it is here to stay and it is an increasingly familiar technology that is improving all the time.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – for a PBX system, for it to expand with your company, you will need to invest in a growing infrastructure but with hosted telephony, the maintenance costs are minimal.
  • Ebbs and flows with your business – there may be times you take on more staff on a temporary basis such as pre-festive season. Hosted telephony can upscale and downscale with your business without too much fuss or additional charges. You can instantly upscale and instantly downscale.
  • Free calls between offices – making calls on a business landline can be expensive and thus, for many businesses, especially start-ups, there is a case to be answered as to why investing in a business landline is the right financial move. With hosted telephony, the outlay is reduced but also calls between offices are free. Thus, it makes financial sense, no matter how big or small your business.
  • Fantastic voice quality – early examples of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol were of poor quality, with an intermittent connection that was far from reliable. But it has improved enormously so much so that it is impossible to tell the difference between a traditional landline call and that of VoIP or any other means.
  • Flexible working – businesses are realising the benefits of helping their staff to work flexibly and from locations other than a workplace office but you need the technology and the ability for people to access the technology to be able to this. Hosted telephony solves so many communication issues.

A growing proportion of businesses are looking to cloud-based solutions for hosting telephone services. Isn’t it time you joined this growing movement?

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