How to Pick the Best Mobile Phone

24 August 2017

With so many mobile phone handsets and packages to choose from, it is difficult to know which one is the right one for you, your business and employees. We take a look at some of the considerations for choosing the best mobile phone.

#1 Budget

Always top of the list is budget. Over the years, the increase in technology and streamlined manufacturing techniques have meant that mobile phone handsets have not only increased in number but decreased in price too. However, there are some handsets that are more expensive than others, as well as the packages on offer to businesses. As well as having a maximum budget in mind, we also suggest prioritising what you need from the phone and the contract package too.

#2 Android or iOS

Like PCs, tablets etc., phones come with an operating system and for mobile phones, there are two leaders: Android and iOS which comes with Apple products.

Some say that iOS is easier to use but that Android gives you more choice. For affordability and more hardware choice, an Android phone is a great option but if you want a phone that is simple and easy to use, then iPhones are the clear winners. But it is down to personal preference as well as what you are used to using.  

#3 The Screen

For anyone who is going to use their phone for more than just making the occasional phone call, the screen size and resolution is an important consideration. This really comes down to how you see yourself and your employees using their mobile phones.

Simple handsets with limited screen size may be sufficient if the phone is for keeping in touch via calls and texts but if you are expecting staff to access documents and email via data and/or Wi-Fi, then a screen of at least 5” is a must.

#4 Battery

Smart phones are all well and good, offering amazing apps and connectivity but there can be a downside to the heavy use of mobile phones: draining the battery.

There are varied reports regarding battery consumption from one handset to another and it may be that the constant use of apps and documents, as well as being connected to data and/or the Wi-Fi causes the battery to flatten and quickly. Always look at what the phone handset offers in terms of battery capabilities.

#5 Storage

Just like laptops and tablets, if the phone memory is not big enough to handle all the apps and data stored, the phone will run slow. Check what the phone offers in terms of operating memory and how you can add more memory with a SIM card.

And what about the other must-haves?

From audio capabilities to how many pixels the phone camera has, to dual cameras and more, there are all kinds of additional must-haves that your mobile phone may need. Consider what you need from a handset and place these in priority order and then scour the market for the best deals not only contracts but on the handsets offered too.

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